Saturday, May 29, 2021

Another Cool Kickstarter: "Alia Terra - Stories from the Dragon Realm."

I've been talking about some neat Kickstarter campaigns lately as a variety of cool ones have been happening. One I was notified of via a press release from the publisher (Atthis Arts LLC.)  is, "Alia Terra - Stories from the Dragon Realm." Presented in English as well as Romanian with gorgeous illustrations (the first thing that caught my eye), I was also intrigued by the content. The Kickstarter describes how, "We present to you a book of three all-ages queer fairy tales highlighting nonbinary characters, aromanticism, and personal acceptance, written by Romanian author Ava Kelly." Ava Kelly is the writer and they have their words illustrated beautifully by Matthew Spencer. Friend of the blog, E.D.E Bell, is the editor.

The lush illustrations are fantastic and I love fairy tales--with the addition of them featuring characters that are LGBTQAI+ being really cool.  There are digital as well as print levels for backers, plus other cool levels with stellar items. I'd encourage you to give the Kickstarter a look at this link and to back it if you'd like!

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