Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Kim Would Have Been 58 Today

My mother-in-law, Kim, died suddenly on June 13th, as I previously have written about. She had a sudden heart attack and was just gone. Today, August 5th, she would have been 58--that is how young she was. For her 57th birthday, I took her to Thunder From Down Under, as my humorous post that got a lot of views talked about. This year I don't even get to wish her a happy birthday. I have been sad today as I was close with her and miss her very much. Samii misses her Mom too and if Clarkson could see Kim even one more time I know he'd give her a big hug. In honor of her birthday, a bit earlier in the week I bought a fun Troll doll at Target. It was part of an in-joke we had about her frizzy hair making her reminiscent of Troll dolls. It is now proudly displayed upon my bookshelf so I can always look at it and smile thinking of Kim.

Kim and I had lots of funny jokes and comments we would say to one another. I miss poking-fun at how much she hated mash potatoes and making faux-threats that every Thanksgiving I would bring over a big tub of them and cold gravy. She would hear that and give a big laugh. I miss making these jokes with Kim, and I miss her.

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