Thursday, August 27, 2020

"Three Jokers," #1 is an Intriguing Start

Ever since a strange mention of, "Three Jokers," some years ago in some, "Justice League," comics the idea of a project exploring this idea has been slowly cooking. The, "Meal," is finally served in the form of a Black Label mini-series of three issues that kind of is in continuity and kinda isn't, depending on whom you ask. Written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Jason Fabok, this thing has taken forever to come out, but here's the first issue, finally. The plot is interesting, but the art is what makes this worth the wait.

Fabok's art is not overly realistic or cartoony, it just is solid, detailed, and gorgeous. Fabok's art is the biggest selling point of this comic for me, with the mystery of how there could have been three Jokers this whole time sounding a little intriguing, but not worrying me that much. This isn't to dismiss the plot idea that multiple Jokers would explain his personality being different at various points, or cover why he seems to pop-up some many places so often, but I feel like no answer could truly be satisfying. Is it a chemical thing? A weird trick? Who knows, let's just enjoy the ride and admire the gorgeous artwork.
The bit of the comic where we do see these three different Jokers interact is interesting, with a criminal-minded one clearly being the leader and two that are more alike with slight differences--a comedian and clown following orders. Even if I think the answer about why we have three Jokers will be unsatisfying, I can still have fun seeing how they all function. Plus, as I said, every page is a treat for the eyes thanks to Fabok. I may still be concerned where the story could be going, but as of right now I'm entertained by the writing and amazed by the illustrations.
5 out of 5 stars.

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