Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Yes, Another Streaming Service--"Peacock," From NBC

Remember back in July when I was whining about there being too many darn streaming services (at that time is was the new HBO MAX being announced as an addition to the dog-pile) and how it is getting to the point where it will actually be cheaper to just have Cable and DVR than bothering with these countless apps/websites? Well I have wonderful news (sarcasm intended)! NBC is launching their own streaming service called, "Peacock," which will have a variety of new and old NBC programs such as that, "The Office," show some of my friends are always quoting to my immense confusion as I only ever watched about one and a half episodes before I shrugged, muttered, "Nah," and went back to watching, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia."

To be honest, this is not completely surprising. "The Office," was not re-signed to Netflix where it currently resides some time ago which made people wonder if NBC had plans, and while a number of networks can have their programming found on Hulu--Fox, ABC, and NBC (with CBS having its own streaming service, the mostly ignored, "CBS All Access,") now Hulu will find itself with some NBC stuff but more and more may drain to the Peacock. This isn't a huge deal for Hulu, however, as Disney now basically owns it since their acquisition of Fox giving them a controlling share and the plan with Hulu seems to be putting the more R-rated stuff on that platform which Disney's sub-companies produce because Disney's other streaming service the soon-to-launch Disney+ will be more for families and not have anything beyond PG-13-ish programs (I hope, "Moon Knight," isn't too toned-down).
Just a silver of streaming options.
Will all these streaming-services reach a critical-mass where people throw their arms up in frustration and either just back back to Cable/Satellite and pirate all the streaming-only content? Perhaps, because that rise in piracy is already happening from folk annoyed at the idea of subscribing to 30 services that each only have one desired show and little else of interest. It is getting a good deal irritating to see these countless streaming services emerge and our household basically has some key ones and we will not bother with a lot of them even if it means missing-out on a show or two that might sound cool. Otherwise, you end-up spending a ton of money and drive yourself crazy trying to remember which service you need for each show you like. In the meantime, I'll just watch Cable as a way to pass some time while I wait for all these streaming services to eventually start cannibalizing each other.

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