Saturday, March 9, 2019

Daylight Saving Time Starts Tomorrow, This Has ONE Positive

If only we could forget...
Daylight Saving Time begins tomorrow. I will spare you my usual rant and assortment of links about how studies have proven it is useless, because I always rail against DST. No, instead I will switch things up this year and say the one--count it--one positive thing about when Daylight Saving Time starts. What is that singular good thing? It stays brighter later.

Yes, out of all the terrible aspects involved with us having to, "Spring Forward," there is one element to be excited about, and that is how it suddenly feels like we have a whole extra hour of daylight in the evening. If you're someone like me who wants to quietly sob during the winter months when its pitch-black by 5PM the sudden influx of sunlight during March is delightful. Don't get wrong, I still think DST should abolished, but I guess even the most miserable metaphorical storm-cloud has a silver lining. That said, don't expect me to be cheery with the loss of an hour of sleep, I will be guzzling coffee and ready to cut a fool.

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