Saturday, March 30, 2019

Dave Sim Can Shut-Up Anytime Now

Just this Wednesday I was telling Zack Snyder to quit with his going on about the supposed amazing vision he had for the DC Cinematic Universe (may it rest in peace). Now it is Saturday and I'm telling Dave Sim he can shut-up anytime now--although, compared to what Sim is rambling-on about if I had to pick I'd listen to Snyder before Sim any day. Basically, Sim is outdated in his views on gender and sexuality, and not just a little, but horrifically so. He also thinks he ought to complain about LGBTQ people being too sensitive and how women need to quit whining about sexual harassment, all of which is expressed in the solicits for an upcoming comic of his.

Sim admittedly has amazing cartooning skills and managed to put out 300 issues of his big self-published indie comic, "Cerebus the Aardvark," over a a great numbers of years (with some assistance from Gerhard to make the backgrounds look prettier at the 65th issue and on). That's an impressive feat, but as, "Cerebus," kept going it morphed from a vague parody of Conan the Barbarian into a weird diatribe against everyone from women to the, "feminist/homosexual axis." Now we are in 2019 and Sim wants to express his dissatisfaction about how those darn gays and trans people are annoying him and women need to shut-up and let men grope them. This of course is the same Dave Sim who openly admitted/bragged about how he groomed a 14 year-old girl for a relationship (something which the morons in Comicsgate chose to defend as their chum Ethan Van Sciver rationalized it was all good) and waited until she was just old enough to legally have sex with before doing so and then dumping her. This is one of hundreds of reasons he has zero right to claim the moral high-ground in any discussion—especially about Feminist and/or LGBTQ issues. Dave Sim can shut-up anytime now.

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