Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Thought on Donald Trump and the Possibility of a Tape Where He Says the N-Word

Note: This post contains vile language that may upset readers, especially as it is stuff our own President has said.
I honestly don't care if there is an audiotape of, "President," Donald Trump saying the N-word. I don't care because I know it will make zero difference. The majority of the Republican party will still blindly pledge loyalty as long as they get their nation-dismantling agenda pushed-through and his supporters who stood by him through controversy after controversy will excuse it along with his affairs with porn-stars, racist statements about immigration, and how he is generally horrible. We don't need a tape to know Trump is racist, we all know and his supporters don't care. There could be an HD video of Trump punching a pregnant Black woman and yelling, "Take this you slutty bitch, I hate Black people!" and it wouldn't do a damn thing to change anyone's mind. People would make elaborate lies about how the woman came at him with a knife and he was just defending himself with a fake audio dubbed-over, or that the woman was going into premature labor that was causing her to pass-out he was trying to say something vile to shock her awake.

I mean seriously, everyone tried to make-up a litany of excuses or theories for his tape where he bragged he likes to commit sexual assault and, "Grab them by the pussy." He has said repeatedly how Mexico is full of rapists and has never hesitated to call black people who anger him, 'Dumb," or a, "Dog." Donald Trump undoubtedly has said, "Nigger," because he is a racist, and racists especially love to say that word. The majority of us who know he is a disgusting man don't need to hear a tape to know this, and those who are loyal to him despite all the evidence of how terrible he is would easily brush-off this tape (or even be pleased to hear him say horrific things). Basically, unless there were a tape where Trump declared he wanted to end tax-cuts for the rich, create a single-payer healthcare system, and reform our immigration system to allow more people, his party will never abandon him.

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