Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I Tried Parker's Water Ice and it Was Delicious!

They do soft-serve as well!
A couple weekends ago, Clarkson and I headed-over to the nearby Chesterfield Mall whilst my wife and her sister took my Mother-in-law to the movie, "Girls Trip," as a birthday present (they said it was really good and recommend folk see it). Whilst we were at the mall a vendor had popped-up in the main atrium (as often happens at this mall, but usually it is a jewelry event or something) who was selling a treat called, "Water Ice." I specifically tried the brand called, "Parker's Water Ice," and found it quite tasty! They were out of cherry or strawberry when I saw them a bit later in the day but I got grape and found it delicious! Water Ice is kind of like if a slushie had a baby with an ice cream or sorbet. It is free of dairy but has an intriguing thickness to it before melting in your mouth with its delightful fruit flavor.

I was very impressed by Water Ice and think I want to get myself some more. The company, "Parker's Water Ice," originates in Memphis, Tennessee but has an individual contractor named, "Angel Eaton," who operates out here in the Saint Louis region. I thank Parker's Water Ice for introducing me to this tasty treat and look forward to having it again!

Journalistic Integrity Note: Parker's Water Ice did not give me any money to write this or is even aware of who I am; I will be informing them I made this article once it is posted but that's it.

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