Monday, April 25, 2016

Our Long National Nightmare is Over--Marvel Is Killing Their, "Inhumans," Movie

I don't care about the Inhumans, but I've been told by Marvel I love the Inhumans. Between their concentrated effort of killing-off the popularity of the, "X-Men," through culling books and desperately trying to wedge Inhuman-themed books into their place, the effort to ret-con mutants as Inhumans, the introduction of the concept on the, "Agents of SHIELD," television show, and so forth, Marvel has spent these last few years really trying to make, "The Inhumans," happen. The thing is...well, let's have this clip from, "Mean Girls," sum it up:

Yup, Marvel is Gretchen and they are desperately trying to make, "Fetch/Inhumans," popular (thanks to House to Astonish for stating this metaphor in one of their podcasts), but people don't want it, damn-it, so quit trying. I've enjoyed the Inhumans in small doses in other books, but the last time I found myself substantially intrigued by a book featuring a bunch of the characters was that mini-series written by Paul Jenkins and with art by Jae Lee from, let's see here...from the late 1990's (and it was reissued in 2013 to an overwhelming shrug, it seems.

Well, Marvel has given-up and removed, "Inhumans," from their movie slate, possibly/probably forever. Then again, depending on who/whom you ask much of the folk at Marvel quit wanting to do a movie about the Inhumans some time ago, but it took the shifting of power within the company for it to become possible to say, "Screw it," and drop the Inhumans from Marvel's film slate.
People have pointed out Marvel may just be moving dates around, considering what to do with the property, etc. etc. Let's be honest though, this movie is most likely dead and in a few years Marvel will have the Inhumans back to being the relatively obscure characters they've generally been, with any newer Inhumans of note having something happen where they are quietly revealed to be actually mutants--if someone wants to bet me a crisp dollar bill that by 2020 Ms. Marvel won't have somehow been turned into a mutant do please send me an email, cuz' I'm positive they're gonna try and change it.

The, "Inhumans," movie is dead and nobody cares because the only comic of note currently coming out featuring an Inhuman is only interesting because Warren Ellis is doing his usual weirdly-awesome work on it (seriously, "Karnak," is pretty good). It's a shame because I've always found the concept of the Inhumans a bit interesting, and enjoyed reading about the adventures of Black Bolt (the king of the Inhumans whose voice is so incredibly loud a whisper can destroy cities). On the plus side, we get Iron Man in the latest re-launch of, "Spider-Man," so that's good.

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