Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Links and Updates on Recent Stories

Let's do some links to new things that are happening and some updates on past happenings I may have discussed.

There is going to be a new comic about Marvel's Inhumans and it will be called "Inhumanity". It looks like it basically is going to add a ton of powered people to the Marvel Universe as a new minority...which is what mutants were until "House of M" took away most mutants' powers and "Avengers Versus X-Men" sort of tried to fix it but not completely.

At one point I mentioned how it appeared Warren Ellis' story, "Dead Pig Collector" would not be seeing release anytime soon due things falling through with Ellis' publisher at the time. Luckily, that has changed and it will be out as an ebook single before too long.

After hearing a bunch about this short movie titled simply "The Flying Man" I decided to check it out and was pretty impressed. Within its relatively-brief 9 minutes it successfully imparts how we as a society would actually most likely react to a flying vigilante--not with excitement but immense fear and paranoia.

For some inexplicable reason I almost-kind-of-liked Marvel's "Age of Ultron" event (I at least didn't hate it), but Timothy O'Neil was a not a fan. He expresses much distaste here and also here where the epilogue issue does not escape his wrath either. I may not fully agree with all he says, but he's a damn good writer at saying it. To his credit, Angela popping up at the end (Um, spoiler for the one person that didn't hear about that) really does make zero sense.

I mentioned how Microsoft basically reversed everything they had said they were going to do with the Xbox One, and sadly that still hasn't helped with the bad press. At a fighting-game tournament event the new version of "Killer Instinct" found itself being booed when the crowd was reminded how it could only be played on Xbox One. I myself am kind of over being all "down" on Microsoft because they realized they had made some terrible decisions and changed what was planned. It seems others are not as forgiving as me, or are still creeped-out by the idea of Kinect's potentially ever-watching eye.

Generally I don't swear much, but seriously, fuck Texas--well, not all of Texas, but anyone in its Congress and within the state that supports this bill that tries to put a woman's right over her body back to the 1960's. I thought this had died but then the anti-choice legislators basically cheated to get their idiotic law through.

I have a weird soft-spot for the Martian Manhunter so I was pleased to hear he finally is appearing in the "Injustice: Gods Among Us" video-game that I've reviewed (with assistance from my girlfriend) in the past.

The Comic-Con that has grown so big many folk just call it, "Comic-Con" instead of attaching the "San Diego" to it is approaching rapidly. I of course won't be there. Why? Well, if I had the money to fly out and attend the 'con I honestly would probably spend that cash on a cruise--so in other words I can't afford it and am not known enough to get free press tickets and/or rooming. Someday I'll go maybe, but until then I can look at the site and sigh with heavy heart.

Lastly, I was very pleased by the positive reaction to my post about the lack of Muslim super-heroes and the question of just what sort of "ideal" super-beings represent. I'm glad people like my big essay posts I do sometimes as they can take forever to write and I worry if anyone really cares or would rather see me just rag on the newest crappy thing from Bluewater Comics. Speaking of which, Bluewater is putting out a Paula Deen biocomic. Yeah, I'll leave you with that mind-obliterating thought.

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