Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Old News, New News, Good News, Bad News.

Various things have been happening in comic-dom...
  • The creator of Dilbert, Scott Adams, is apparently a dick. Interesting. To be honest I haven't read Dilbert in years after enjoying it as a child (yeah, I was a weird kid, reading Dilbert), so all I can really do now is shake my head in sadness and move along.
  • This weekend had a big story about a man who copied art styles without giving credit, lied about his accomplishments, and seems to be borderline illiterate based on how he writes. Bleeding Cool launched this story and has rounded up a bunch of the posts.
  • I myself love mini-series, except sometimes the ones put out by DC or Marvel with a popular character to milk the brand for all its worth--but actual mini-series set in their own unique universe where all you need to understand the story is that mini? Those are great! Hence, my interest in this article about people who hate on the mini.

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