Thursday, March 31, 2011

Get Your News On.

Let's share some links.
  • Do you need a primer before trying to figure out the new Marvel event, Fear Itself? The Weekly Crisis has you covered.
  • Archie Comic's first openly gay character, Kevin Keller, introduced last year, will be getting his own comic. Unless they add other characters or finally out Jughead I suggest the title, "The lonely life of the only gay man in the entire town," because it seems if you live in the Archie-verse you're straight and almost always white. Also, the comic better not be annoying about the whole, "he's gay" angle, constantly reminding us of it for no reason. I want an interesting character who happens to be gay, not a one-note bore.
  • Apparently Libya could get even more bloody and violent--because the Middle East isn't violent enough.
  • There will be a new Spider-Man game, so that's interesting.  Was that Shattered Dimension's one any good?
  • I just can't believe Ultimate X actually came out, some eight-months-or-so late. When I saw it sitting there on the comic shelf I was just amazed. Apparently it isn't too great, though.

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