Saturday, March 5, 2011

"David Wants An iPad" Update--The Follow-Through.

Okay, as I've discussed, the urge for an iPad has been plaguing me recently. After talking with an employee at a nearby Apple store, and calling the main service-line to talk to someone else. I think it would make the most sense to actually not get an iPad two for a few reasons.
  1. The first-generation of a new product can be buggy as fudge.
  2. It costs me way too much.
  3. I wouldn't use the main selling-point, the two cameras.
Therefore, it actually would be best if I used the money I did have to maybe buy an original iPad now that they are (as I recently learned) marked-down in price. I would have all the use of an iPad without paying a bunch of extra money for features I wouldn't use.

Still, how would I, a person who makes essentially just a living stipend from his volunteer position with Americorps, afford such a product even at a lower price? Well, over a long period of time I have been saving up for a PC that could play games, and that rainy-day fund could take a sizeable hit in exchange for my buying an iPad. I would probably set-back my buying a new PC by quite some time, but in the long-run would be worth it, I think. I'm just so conflicted and unsure what to do. Somebody help me, please, I'm going mad with desire for a product from a company I usually make mean comments about for fun! What's wrong with me? Aiieeeee!

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