Saturday, March 2, 2024

The new Savory Chili Sauce at McDonald's is Fine but Forgettable

I enjoy McDonald's. I like eating there a little more often than I probably should (although I am eating better lately). I like to sample their limited-time goodies they do now and then so when I heard about the savory chili sauce, I was intrigued. Part of a weird promotion where the M is becoming a W so that the logo is WcDonald's for some reason (it relates to an alternate anime-inspired Universe or something), the savory chili sauce was a little bit above average, but not particularly notable.

When you put some of the savory chili sauce on your nuggets (or dip your fries into it) the first thing you notice is how a lot of soy sauce went into this. If you like soy sauce, that is a good thing, but if you dislike it...sorry. The soy and chili flavors interact well and a moment after you finish eating your bite there is a bit of a pleasant heat from the ginger left over. It isn't too much, but it's there. It reminded me of Szechuan sauce without being quite as good. This doesn't come close to beating my favorite sacue--the only short-time dip to come close to challenging sweet and sour (I love it so) would be the sweet and spicy jam. As it is, the savory chili sauce is worth trying and relatively good, but once it and the WcDonald's promotion are gone, few will remember either.

3 out of 5 stars.

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