Saturday, March 30, 2024

"Marvel Rivals," Has Been Announced and it Could be a Fun Game

For some time (a while ago) I really enjoyed playing, "Overwatch." Characters of widely different abilities would fight in an arena of sorts and it was fun how different everyone was yet the game made everything gel together. Eventually, I got tired of, "Overwatch," and it apparently had a messy launch for its sequel, alienating a chunk of the fanbase. I'd try another game in a similar vein, and it seems Marvel, with the developer NetEase Games, is making that in the form of, "Marvel Rivals."

"Marvel Rivals," is set to be a 6vs6 arena shooter-style game with various characters destroying popular Marvel-related environments as they fight. Certain characters can team up for special moves and it all looks a lot like, "Overwatch," with Marvel characters--but that is not a bad thing! There are some really well-known characters such as Spider-Man, the Hulk, and Scarlet Witch, but, "Deeper cut," characters are involved too such as Peni Parker. Moon Knight has not yet been confirmed, but if he is I"ll definitely try the game out to at least play as him! The wait won't be too long as the game launches in, "Alpha," this May. As that isn't even, "Beta," this is bound to be pretty buggy at first and look a lot different when the game is in fact finished (and assumably comes to consoles as for now it is just on PC).

I see the potential for a game where Marvel characters play off one another's powers while wrecking interesting environments to be fun. The key will be making sure all the characters are balanced off of one another and it isn't a case where only a handful of characters are, "Worth," playing as. This coming May we'll be able to see what anyone who tries the free-to-play Alpha thinks!

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