Sunday, March 10, 2024

It's Mario Day and is When Daylight Saving/Spring Forward Occurs

Today was an interesting mash-up of notable sorta-holidays. March 10 is also known as Mario Day because if you write MAR10 it looks like Mario. I believe this started out as a thing fans did but now Nintendo loves to acknowledge it and make a big deal out of it too (just be careful with your fan celebrations as Nintendo loves to sue people who infringe upon them in any minor way). In addition to Mario Day, we sprung forward an hour during the night and entered Daylight Saving Time. For years I thought it was, "Daylight Savings," but apparently you don't need to add that last S. 

I've discussed before how the whole springing forward and falling back annoys me, so I'll refrain from doing that today and just look on the bright side that we literally have a bright side of it staying light longer in the evening by a whole chunk of time as of today. So yes, this March 10th you can celebrate Mario and a little extra daylight whilst you struggle with losing an hour of sleep if you live in America (but not Arizona, Hawaii, or certain territories). Have a good one, ya'll.

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