Friday, March 29, 2024

Follow-Up Flashback Friday: I Tried Fun Dip for the First Time In Years and That Stuff is Potent!

Fun Dip as we know it has been around since the 1970s. You take a stick made of sugar, lick it, dip it in some more sugar, then lick that sugar off. That's the official way, at least. Some people just pour the loose sugar down their throat and chomp on the stick to ingest everything as quickly as possible. It has been at least more than a decade since I ate Fun Dip, but I was thinking about it back in 2022. Now, however, I actually tried some the other day as my own little, "Dip," into the past. That stuff hits hard.

We got the Fun Dip as a present for the kids in an Easter/Spring/whatever holiday basket. Clarkson doesn't really eat candy (we offer it to him, but he isn't a fan of candy but he does love doughnuts), so I decided I'd try a packet of Fun Dip. I eat candy sometimes and enjoy chocolate, so it is not like a bunch of sugar should strike me that much, but Fun Dip was like a short-lived jolt of pure sweetness that made me squint a little from a slight head rush. No wonder some kids are so jacked-up on sweets, they're out here downing Fun Dip like nobody's business!

I've been working at cutting down on junk food and candy (I'm drinking a lot less soda for sure) so I don't plan to have more Fun Dip anytime too soon. That said, it clearly appeals to some people in the same manner as other treats that are essentially pure sugar (such as Pixy Stix), so I just hope anyone who regularly consumes this stuff also makes sure to brush their teeth well as it is basically 100% sugar you're ingesting.

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  1. You always did have a sweet tooth, David! ;)