Thursday, March 7, 2024

I Tried out the, "Dirty Soda," Trend

You may have heard of, "Dirty Soda." It originated in Utah. Apparently, Mormons are not supposed to drink coffee but can have cold caffeine such as sodas. They also abstain from alcohol. However, doctoring up your soda is perfectly okay as it isn't hot caffeine or booze (don't question it, religions never make sense the more you examine any of them). This led to the rise of, "Dirty soda," in Utah with chains such as, "Swig," being huge there. What is a dirty soda, however? Oftentimes a soda with some creamer and other flavors--the most popular variation seeming to be creamer, coconut syrup, and lime. Whether you need a mocktail or just want to make your soda a little more interesting, dirty soda seems to be sweeping the nation. People are adding all kinds of flavors to Diet Coke, Mountain Dew, and the like. Coffee Mate has even teamed up with Dr. Pepper to make a creamer explicitly designed to be added to the soda.

I can't yet find the aforementioned special creamer in stores but it is relatively easy to make a dirty soda at home or Sonic has a promotion to, "Make it dirty," in any beverage. Out of the proper context saying you're going to pull-up to Sonic and, "Make it dirty," might sound a little risque, but in this case, I used the phrase to add some creamer and flavoring to my Large Dr. Pepper soda I purchased today. I found the drink pretty refreshing, reminding me of a Dr. Pepper float with a bit of a bite to it thanks to the lime. This dirtied-up blend apparently included coconut but I honestly did not taste it. I just found my soda a little extra-smooth with the cream and pleasant enough I gulped it all down on the drive home. 

Keep in mind with dirty sodays how it does--obviously--add more calories to put these things in your soda. Plus, if you are sensitive to dairy like me having a dirty soda that involves dairy (not all of them do) can be a bad choice for your stomach. I took my lactose pills however and I was fine. I'd try other styles of dirty sodas if the trend continues to grow but I wouldn't say my sodas have to be dirty by any means for me to enjoy them.

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