Wednesday, March 20, 2024

CGC Has Acquired James Spence Authentication

In news that I found interesting for two reasons, CGC has acquired an authentication company known as James Spence. What are the two reasons? I'm glad you asked!

1. CGC's biggest competitor is CBCS and they have an authentication service where even if a comic isn't watched getting signed in person by a CBCS employee they can verify a signature is legit when slabbing their books. If CGC is getting into the authentication game then that'll definitely catch the attention of anyone who has a signed comic and wants CGC to grade it but wants the yellow, "Signature Series," slab as opposed to a green slab usually given to comics with a notable issue or an unwitnessed signature (that is, unless CGC plans to make a whole new style of a slab, one wonders).

2. CGC has been in a lot of hot water these past months due to people scamming the company with ease thanks to various loopholes in the slabbing process that resulted in either a bunch or a small number of falsely labeled slabs (it depends on who you ask in regards to how bad the scamming got). Having some positive news with a method that will encourage a slew of submissions to CGC might help wash the bad taste of the slabbing scandal out of comic fans' mouths.

Will this news and the idea of CGC authenticating unwitnessed signatures work out well for the company and help them keep the metaphorical wolves at the door from bursting in? Does this actually raise more questions about how reliable CGC could be if they allow unwitnessed signatures to be graded in some fashion? Come April when the exact way the services will work becomes clear we may have a better idea.

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