Thursday, March 21, 2024

An AI, "Artist," Had a Winning Submission for the Spawn Cover Contest and I Just Sighed Loudly

AI and its so-called, "Art," is not art. It is theft and soulless machine-computing throwing a bunch of other people's work it, "Studied," together to make something supposedly new. Todd McFarlane had a contest where people could draw Spawn and Spawn-related characters with the reward being your artwork is featured as a variant cover for an upcoming issue of, "Spawn." I would also hope people got paid for this promotion as you can't pay the bills/eat with, "Exposure." Well, one of the contest winners, Luis Ruiz, seems to have almost assuredly, "Made," their work with AI (the link takes you to Bleedingcool, so be warned it is a nightmare to navigate without an adblocker) Cue my exasperated sigh.

The contest explicitly said you didn't have to be able to draw (e.g. you could submit a picture of something crafted out of clay, perhaps) but that AI was forbidden. Luis shrugged at the rules and submitted his so-called works as authentic. I sincerely hope their entry is disqualified and further steps are taken to prevent AI hucksters from claiming actual accolades due to people whose art involves more than typing in a prompt on various websites.

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