Saturday, July 18, 2020

"Stranger Things," is Getting Sued. Yes, Again!

Considering I've never watched, "Stranger Things," it is probably odd how intrigued I get any time there is a lawsuit about the show. Perhaps it is just because the dang program seems to attract a lot of statements of, "They ripped me off!" Now, when plagiarism is claimed it can either be due to the fact jealous people want money, but there could very well be some truth. I'm not going to draw conclusions either way about the Duffer Bros and their, "Stranger Things," lawsuits, but the first one was quietly settled the day before they would've had to go to court, and now there is yet another claim of, "They're idea bandits!" from Aaron Sims of Irish Rover Entertainment.

I imagine this case will either end-up being dismissed or settled before anyone has to testify because if it is flimsy it will fall apart real quick and if it does have enough legs to go to court--true or not--Netflix will shell-out enough dough to make it go away because they don't want any court testimonies to reveal information about what future seasons could hold and/or the slightest chance Netflix could lose a case will terrify the company. Anyways, should I start watching, "Stranger Things," sometime, seeing as I follow all this drama surrounding the show? It's been in my, "To watch at some point," queue for years.

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