Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Bad Idea Comics is Now Promoting a Mysterious Button

I've written about my ongoing interest in Bad Idea Comics, whose ideas have seemed either clever or, well, possibly bad. They've talked of directly distributing their comics to stores seemed outlandish...but now even DC is doing it with their own distributors. Bad Idea Comics has also discussed strictly limiting comics to one per customer, which is either meant to cut down on speculation or encourage it heavily, that is TBD. Well, Bad Idea seems to have (jokingly) been taken over by what they call a Rogue A.I. that is now demanding everyone to click on a button.

Once the button has been clicked a billion--yes, billion--times, something will happen relating to Bad Idea launching their first comic It is already at 21 million since its announcement this morning, so we shall see how long it takes to possibly hit that billion-mark. You can go click the button here. I clicked it a few times to do my part, and because Bad Idea continues to astound me with how they manage to seem both ingenious and possibly teetering on the brink of collapsing without warning at the same time. I continue to argue that they are either going to be wildly successful with their unique plans and clearly different advertising methods...or are going to crash and burn spectacularly. They seem like nice folks tho, so I hope it all goes well. Let's all give the button a click in the meantime.

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