Saturday, July 11, 2020

Trump Isn't Even Hiding The Corruption

He got what he wanted.
Trump barely was hiding his corruption at first, but as time has gone on he and more and more brazen. Now, he has commuted the sentence of Roger Stone, who was supposed to do a bit under four years in prison for his part in letting a foreign power (Russia) try to influence the Presidential election. Roger Stone won't do a day in prison for his high crimes. I said to my wife if Obama had done this for a friend who got convicted the Republican party would throw a fit--but then we both agreed Obama doesn't have any friends who are doing these kinds of crimes (unlike Trump who seems to have ONLY friends committing treason--looking at you, Michael Flynn).

Trump isn't even hiding the corruption anymore and all the fools who support him still keep cheering with blind admiration; meanwhile, COVID-19 is hitting us harder than ever and people deny it is a problem while refusing to wear a damn mask so yeah, things are pretty bad in America right now. Please, everyone, vote Trump out this November even though he will try his hardest to commit fraud or deny any losing results. Vote, please!

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