Wednesday, July 29, 2020

"Pimo & Rex: The Interdimensional Wedding," Looks Like a Fun New Release From Rotopol

Rotopol is a publisher of many fine comics. Located in Germany, a number of their books are in both German and English. This is good, as despite taking German for two years in high school I still have a minimal grasp on the language. Anyways, I receive press emails from Rotopol and they messaged me the other day to let me know about a new release, "Pimo & Rex: The Interdimensional Wedding." It looks wild and colorful, which makes sense as the writer and artist, Thomas Wellmann, has done freelance work for many animation studios and networks.

This original graphic novel features Wellmann telling the tale of the titular wedding, a quest for a legendary magic wand, and a volcano which threatens to cause a lot of trouble too, in addition to much more zany stuff. I will work at acquiring a copy for the purpose of review as, "Pimo & Rex: The Interdimensional Wedding." sounds like a real hoot that I'd most likely quite enjoy!

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