Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Stop by STL Comics for Their Store's Grand Opening--It is This Black Friday Weekend!

I've mentioned previously how my friend Eric Meyer of STL Comics is opening a permanent store location. Well, the grand opening of the STL Comics, Toys & More store is this Black Friday weekend! The store will be open from 10AM-7PM both Friday and Saturday, plus there will be awesome guests on both days from 10AM-4PM.

Comic-creator Rick Burchett will be there Friday and Jeff Edwards on Saturday, which should be pretty rad! Not to mention there will be plenty of Black Friday-related deals going on at the store. Should you be in the area I'd encourage you to attend the grand opening at 10431 St. Charles Rock Rd, Saint Ann, Missouri, 63074--note that the store itself is actually within the Manhattan Antique Marketplace, which is a very cool location as well!

I'm excited to swing by the shop and see Eric and his friendly employees such as Jay (a really cool guy). In-between your stampeding with others as you attempt to get a cheap flat-screen television/clothing discount/etc. It will be 100% fun and I'm 99.9% sure no brawls will break-out unlike at some stores this weekend.

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