Friday, November 22, 2019

Local Comic Shop Day 2019 is Tomorrow

Local Comic Shop Day is always a fun little event. It is for comic-stores to sell wares you can only get by stopping by (what else?) your local comic shop! There are generally some snazzy variant-covers, exclusives, and cool trade paperbacks and hardcovers for sale. LCSD 2019 is tomorrow and I myself am intrigued by an exclusive comic collecting a, "The Walking Dead," story written by Brian K. Vaughn (which up until now has only been available digitally). I am not really a fan of, "The Walking Dead," but I do love the work of Brian K. Vaughn, so I for sure want to grab that if I can! Should your comic store be doing LCSD be sure and stop by to support them, and even if they aren't doing LCSD it is still always good to go and support your local comic shop!

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