Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Sarah's Cake Shop Was Delicious!

I often enjoy going to the comic shop Dark Side Comics and Games, and in the same plaza it is found within there is a bakery, Sarah's Cake Shop. It is worth visiting as it is delicious! They have another location in Eureka, Missouri which I have not yet been to that also serves full-on food, but the bakery store in Chesterfield is fantastic. Found at 10 Clarkson Wilson Centre, Chesterfield, MO 63017, everyone there is always really nice when you stop-in.

My son especially loves the huge cookies and the red velvet cupcakes, myself. My wife loves the cupcakes too, agreeing they, "Have a lot of bounce," when bitten-into (nothing is worse than a dry cupcake). If you ever are in that plaza I'd for sure recommend getting some comics at Dark Side and some sweet treats at Sarah's!

Note: No one asked me to write this piece and it is not an advertisement, I just wanted to share my glowing thoughts about Sarah's Cake Shop. They are not aware I have a blog or anything. I will let them know I said kind things, of course, but this is purely an editorial piece by me, a man who loves sweets (and tries to not eat too many, but yeah).


  1. I eat this at every food truck event! They also donate money to st. Jude's Children's Hospital I believe :)