Sunday, July 14, 2019

July 2019's Toyman Show was Stellar Fun!

Today was another edition of one show I always enjoy attending--Toyman! Being held 8 times this year, it is always a pleasure to attend thanks to how much stellar stuff there is (and how well organized the all the vendors, artists, and so forth are). With a wide range of people selling almost any kind of toy you can think of (new or old) to many comic-vendors, and a lot of cool artists and creators, I always have a wonderful time and find cool stuff I want to take home. I'll talk about some of the rad items I acquired at today's show and stellar people I met now!

One of the first vendors I really enjoyed chatting with were the guys from Alliance Comics, Toys, and Games. They just opened this June in O'Fallon Illinois. I had the pleasure of trading some of my stuff for a fun trio of Silver Age comics. My favorite is that wild cover for, "The Flash," that I've seen before and always wanted to own! Another great vendor was Each Sold Separately who had all sorts of awesome toys and collectibles. Paul Spangenberg of Nightcire Toys & Crafts was really fun to speak with as well, he had an assortment of fun wooden projects and toys that were very neat and very reasonably priced. I also saw my good friend Eric of STL Comics (who has an awesome Micro Con coming up July 28th) and my chum Spike of Lost in Space Toys and Collectibles.

I continued to do some more shopping and while I wasn't looking for a Batmobile, this die-cast toy just looked too appealing to pass-up! After I bought that I spoke with some authors of assorted cool books upstairs. I met Star Huddleston who is the writer and illustrator of the book, "What Am I?" about a real-life unique animal I won't spoil the species of, but which was fascinating to learn about. I next spoke with Dee Livers who paints beautiful watercolor creations and writes as well as illustrates an assortment of great children's books. Lastly, I met author and professional model Leigh Savage who was selling an assortment of spicy and exciting erotica books. The special guest at the show was Jeremy Miller of, "Growing Pains," fame and providing the voice of Linus in classic, "Charlie Brown," cartoons. He was super-nice and a joy to chat with as well. I'm just scratching the surface of the 140+ vendors and creators, but clearly a wide range of great products and talent was present!

Today's Toyman Show was wonderful fun. I am already pumped for the next one this August 4th and know that the founder and showrunner, Chris McQuillen will ensure yet another show is had!

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