Sunday, February 24, 2019

Today's Micro Con by STL Comics Was Terrific!

Today I attended the latest Micro Con held by STL Comics (which I got home from a bit ago and wraps-up for the day in a couple hours) and had a stellar time as always. I ran into some of my usual favorite vendors including Spike Forster of Lost in Space Toys and Collectibles, and my chum Drew Stuart of CoMo Comic Books who was kind enough to pose for a picture:
I also had the pleasure of seeing Justin Mosley of Wayne Kent Comics, and my old friend Jack Brown of Trade Up Comics:
I chatted with some guests too, such as the skilled Lorenzo Lizana, my talented friend David Gorden, and saw Kenneth Rocafort, who was kind enough to sign my trade paperback of, "Ultimates: Omniversal," which he was the illustrator for (of the collected issues). Oh, and I ran into the delightfully-wild James Doe of Cabal Books:
I was able to trade-for and purchase an assortment of books, but the most notable ones that got me especially excited would have to be a, "Marvel Spotlight," #29 which I bought from Drew of the aforementioned CoMo Comic Books--it will perfectly compliment the #28 I own (and which means I now have both parts of this two-issue story with Moon Knight). I also was able to acquire an old Spider-Man comic where Moon Knight guest-stars from another kind vendor:
Besides those books I was pleased to be able to trade a chunk of my stuff to get, "Special Marvel Edition," #15 AKA the first-ever appearance of Shang-Chi, the Master of Kung-Fu. The comic is in a lower-grade condition, but just being able to own it is fantastic:
Today at the Micro Con I was able to sell some books, trade a handful of things, and buy some fantastic comics. I just want to thank Eric Meyer of STL Comics for yet again having a stellar show. If any of my readers live near Columbia, Missouri, there will be a Micro Con there April 20th, and you know I'm already excited to see what is in store for the next Saint Louis Micro Con taking place on July 28th. It feels far away now, but I'm sure that date will be in here no time!

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