Tuesday, February 26, 2019

I Totally Forgot to Talk About The Hero Initiative the Other Day!

I put-up my post on Sunday about the fun I had at the most recent Micro Con. I realized today I totally forgot to talk about one entity there however that I is extremely important in what it does for others, The Hero Initiative!  A volunteer for the organization I am friends with, Brian Lan, was at the Micro Con with an assortment of items donated by others (including comics signed by creators) where the proceeds are donated to The Hero Initiative. I've made mention of the organization before, but for those unaware, it is a non-profit (the first one, in fact) which was founded to help comic-creators (writers, artist, etc.) in need. Assisting with everything from medical bills, to rent, and other quality-of-life aspects, The Hero Initiative does some great stuff.

Now, some may wonder why such an organization is even needed, and unfortunately while comic-creators today sometimes own the rights to popular properties or have deals in place to at least get royalties for their comic-book work, countless comic-makers who created comics decades ago did so with no promise of further income plus zero retirement or health benefits. It was work-for-hire that treated them thanklessly and now these people who made amazing work for the world over the decades face declining health and few resources. It is depressing that creators who made properties worth millions (or billions) or dollars can end-up struggling to even pay for their groceries or desperately needed medical care, and that is why it is admirable how hard The Hero Initiative works to help those who put forth blood, sweat, and tear to bring us such amazing comics. It is always great to see Brian at shows volunteering for The Hero Initiative and I encourage you to learn more about the organization and the good it does.

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