Monday, January 28, 2019

Why I Haven't Bothered Talking About Bill Maher

Bill Maher hates comic-books. Who cares what he thinks though?
In November of last year Bill Maher posted a big anti-comic screed to his blog in the wake of Stan Lee passing. Apparently this past weekend he doubled-down on his hatred of comic-books and their related film properties by stating how they are for kids, boring, and all the other outdated claims made by someone who probably has not actually bothered to understand the art-form he is criticizing. A handful of people have asked me what I wrote about Maher in November (nothing) or what I was going to write now and I expressed there is little need to counter his claims about comic-books. Why do I feel like there is little need to discuss Maher or his outdated views? Well, the man has been culturally irrelevant for years.

If some random moron on the street were to hand you pamphlet they'd xeroxed full of hateful opinions about the things you love, you'd toss it aside and barely give it a second thought. Also, if someone who used to be relatively famous had built-up some much ill-will for being a jerk that they had to resort to bringing equally-hated guests on their show or making idiotic proclamations in the hopes it would get them even any attention, what would you care? The person with the brochure is desperate for engagement from others for their beliefs, and Maher craves some kind of recognition, no matter how negative. He wants people who matter (movie-stars who play super-heroes, big-name writers, etc.) to pay him their mind because he hopes that way he'll seem like he matters too. He does not.
Maher insulted Kevin Smith--with an outdated photo of Smith pre weight-loss, no less--too,
because again, he wants people who matter to pay him attention.
Maher used to be considered an edgy and insightful voice in the field of comedy. Then over-time he morphed into a hateful little man, shouting into the void hoping someone would watch his shows, read his articles, simply pay him any kind of attention. Maher is doing this shit because he wants to make people angry--he knows he lost his ability to make people laugh at his jokes or think critically about serious opinions long ago and now all he has is the ability to play on people's emotions. I honestly don't care if Bill Maher dislikes comics just as I don't care if some person at an intersection is holding a sign declaring how all politicians are secretly lizard-people (which is silly, we all know they're secretly bird-people), they think something stupid and just want attention for it. Maher is culturally irrelevant, and this hissy-fit about comic-books is just yet another example of him trying very hard to seem like his opinion matters. It doesn't.


  1. I used to enjoy Bill Maher when he employed real satire and used what he apparently used to at least, stood for or believed in like his thoughtfull and playful critique of religion,(and all religions were equal opportunity targets), and calling out hypocrisy in society in general and politics in particular.
    I have however, particularly as the American polity and its' corresponding constituencies' during the particularly disturbing, hateful and exceedingly depressing 'trump era' of the past four years found Maher's show to have for the most part descended into a bitter, and hopeless malaise from which there appeared to be no ascent possible and instead of going back to a sharp and critical voice with a corresponding assembly of guests that could offer helpful and incisive critique Maher instead mostly surrounded himself with a despondent cast