Monday, October 22, 2018

I Tried the, "Blackout," Batle Royale Mode in, "Black Ops 4," and I Was Really Bad at It

I was going to throw a fit about them represented four as IIII instead of IV,
 but apparently both can be acceptable.

I've written about my enjoyment of Fortnite is some posts before, even though lately I've been playing it a lot less due to October being a really busy month. I have never played the other big-name game with a Battle Royale mode, "Playerunknown's Battlegrounds," as I lack a computer with enough tech to play it or an Xbox One. I did hear that the new game from the makers of assorted, "Call of Duty," titles would have a Battle Royale mode called, "Blackout," however. So when, "Black Ops 4," was released I rented it for my PS4 and thought I'd at least give that mode a try. I was terrible at it.

Look, I'm by no means especially stellar at, "Fortnite." I'm mediocre in regards to building-stuff quickly and have rarely won a match solo (and only sometimes with squads). That said, I'm not bad by any means, but hoo boy was I miserable in, "Black Ops 4." I was able to kill one person over a number of rounds and otherwise was always getting shot in the back, shot in the face, or one time somebody just ran-up and punched me a bunch before I was able to react and do anything to escape. I never found a vehicle to drive although I know there are some, but I did pick-up a grappling hook at one point and swung around a bit on that for fun. I figured-out how to tweak weapons to make them work better with items scavenged in the field, but it usually didn't help me because--as I've said--I died really often and really fast. When I was alive I had some fun, but when you're miserable at a video-game there is only so much enjoyment you can glean if you still suck after working at it for awhile. It was really polished and good-looking though, so that's cool.

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