Friday, October 26, 2018

Funko Friday: Wackly Wobblers!

We all know Funko makes Funko Pops, but before they started doing those around 2011/2012 they actually had been around since 1998 and were known for their fun bobble-heads called, "Wacky Wobblers." I was able to acquire two of them thanks to Offerup and thought I would show them off. They are Count Chocula and Frankenberry! Funnily enough, the original Funko Pops of these two (and Boo Berry) are among some of the hardest to find. Funko actually just released new versions of them holding cereal bowls that collectors were eager to snatch-up considering the original Pops of the monster cereal fellows can trend for hundreds of dollars. I myself like how old-school these wobblers are and am happy Funko continues to make new ones even if there isn't nearly as much demand as for their Pops. They are just quite fun, and even really old ones like these were relatively inexpensive to acquire compared to what the old Pops of these guys run!

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