Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I Read the Hilariously Bad Loot Crate/Street Fighter Cross-Over Comic

That was Atrocious
I just read a comic that was just terrible. It felt like an equal mixture of vanity project, failed cross-over promotion, and a bunch of in-jokes that nobody will get besides the people who asked for the vanity project. I am of course referring to, "Street Fighter: Hyper Looting," which involves the fictional characters from the, "Street Fighter," games meeting the real-life staff of Loot Crate. Seriously, it came in the November 2015 crate I previously reviewed the general contents of.
Look, I don't mind something that is incredibly silly or absurd. If the plot of the comic wants to be that a villain is trying to smuggle a dangerous weapon through Loot Crate, then fine, that's the story--no matter how stupid-sounding it is. If, however, you're going to have a silly plot, it at least needs to make sense within its own logic. The problem with this comic is that it establishes its own dumb plot but then does little-to-nothing with it. 
The comic reads more as an excuse to have the staff of Loot Crate appear in a comic they commissioned for their own entertainment than it does a piece of actual, you know, entertainment for everyone else. The heroes show-up, ask the Loot Crate people to find this dangerous box, and then the comic proceeds to have the main character call everyone else from the, "Street Fighter," Universe which point the art style shifts dramatically from scene-to-scene in a way that is incredibly jarring. Then they find the box after the staff digs around whilst everyone fights, someone snatches the box, makes some vague statements about big threats to the world, and leaves. The end. The most notable thing in the comic is one fighter smashes her butt into another fighter's face after he asks her for a kiss. Yes, that actually happens.
If you're going to have something as stupid as this you need to actually make it interesting. This is just a comic that has employees of Loot Crate pop-up, throws in a bunch of Street Fighter characters while saying, "Hey, look at all these people you love playing as!" and then ends after it has shown every character from the games. The dull story and unimpressive artwork have me thinking Loot Crate should just stick to providing variant covers for popular comics as opposed to trying to make original ones.
1 out of 5 stars (at least the butt-attack joke woke me up from the rest of the stupidity).

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