Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Valiant Has Signed a Publishing Deal With Alien Books

I have enjoyed a number of comics from Valiant. The company was huge in the 90's then folded in 2000, but came back in 2007 with some excellent titles. Since then they had success and failure with some great comics but also the, "Bloodshot," movie which flopped, and they've dabbled in NFTs (you all know I'm not a fan of those). Lately, they were also having some financial issues, publishing one comic a month or so. It was announced today, however, that Valiant will work with another publisher, Alien Books, and be putting out a chunk more comics. Alien Books also works with FairSquare so we could see solicitations in the future for comics from within Valiant, Alien Books, and FairSquare. As Bleeding Cool somewhat sarcastically put it, we will now get more than comic a month from Valiant. All snark from some sources aside, I am excited to see some cool stuff be put out by this new partnership and wish all the companies well as they work together.

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