Monday, June 12, 2023

#ComicsBrokeMe is Trending on Twitter and Shines a Depressing Light on the Industry

For the past couple of days the topic, "#comicsbrokeme," has been trending on Twitter. It has featured many creators of comics or folks otherwise involved in the business discussing just how incredibly rough and soul-crushing it can be. Should you despise Twitter (I don't blame you), the website Bleedingcool did post a bunch of content in an article discussing the trending statement. We as comic-book fans really don't appreciate the people who actually make our comics enough. We often give far too much credit to the corporations that could care less about quality tales/artwork and just want to cash a big check while simultaneously writing the smallest one possible to those doing the actual work. 

I will forever sing the praises of organizations such as The Hero Initiative, which assists comic creators in need. The idea there are people who created million (or even billion) dollar properties who can't afford groceries or rent is disgusting, but welcome to America, home of the most messed-up health care system and general views on humanity you'll find in the World. As long as things don't get better it seems the comic industry will constantly chew people up and spit them out. It sucks.

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