Saturday, June 3, 2023

John Carpenter Has Directed a New Television Show, and He Did it Remotely!

I'm a massive fan of John Carpenter. The man has made some fantastic movies and still likes to make music when he isn't busy playing video-games. He is 75 and hasn't directed anything for years, but he let slip that he's back, at least to some degree. Yep, a new television program (maybe streaming, details are scarce right now) called, "John Carptenter's Suburban Screams," is in the works--and Carpenter directed it remotely of all things. It was shot in Prague but he never left his house, assumably being Zoomed-in/Skyped-in. This could mean he minimally contributed in his, "Direction," or he could have been very hands-on even though it would've been virtual, "Hands," in this metaphor. Still, anything with John Carpenter's involvement--be it a movie/show/whatever--is quite welcome by us Carpenter fans. I'm excited to learn more as further news is revealed!

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