Saturday, June 17, 2023

They Still Publish an Encyclopedia in 2023; It Admittedly Looks Cool

Nowadays people generally find information online. Now, this information might be good and have tons of citations or it might be absolute crazy talk. Back in the day you could look at an Encyclopedia and know you were getting some solid information on a wide range of subjects. They quit publishing any of those though, right? Wrong!

Benj Edwards over at Ars Technica wrote an article about how, "I just bought the only physical encyclopedia still in print, and I regret nothing." He discusses how World Book, Inc. still puts out the, "World Book," encyclopedia and for $1,199 you can buy all 22 physical books. There is still a demand with school and public libraries being common clients along with a chunk of homeschooling families. There is a certain charm and pleasant trustworthiness to reading facts about a subject in an honest-to-goodness encyclopedia. It won't have someone come and rewrite everything the next day to fit their agenda before someone else takes it down and puts up their version of the truth. It is just 22 books loaded with facts on various subjects that you could cite for a research paper and know it is reputable. If you have the money to spare you could buy a copy right now, but if that price tag is too hefty you could always get an online subscription for the year at various prices. That, or call your library and see if they have a recent edition!

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