Wednesday, June 7, 2023

The Missouri Family Health Council Has Launched Their Free EC Project

The Missouri Family Health Council is a nonprofit in the state of--where else?--Missouri. They are dedicated to ensuring every Missourian has access to affordable healthcare and health education, including sexual health. They lead The Right Time Initiative which, "...seeks to empower every Missourian to take control of their own health by improving information about, and reducing barriers to, contraceptive services. The initiative provides free or low-cost birth control to all who need it, while addressing the persistent health disparities in unintended pregnancy and among marginalized populations." Recently, the MFHC launched the Free EC Project.

With reproductive rights being rolled back in numerous states (Missouri included) it is important to remember that emergency contraception (AKA Plan B) is still legal. The MFHC has partnered with a number of health centers and community partners to distribute free emergency contraception kits. At no cost to those who request them, a person will receive (confidentially) individually-packaged kits containing two doses of levonorgestrel emergency contraception (an over-the-counter medication that as I said is also known as Plan B), safer sex supplies (e.g. condoms and lube), sexual health education and consent resources, and connections to healthcare providers who can see individuals for affordable prices regardless of if they have insurance or lack it. 

As someone who worked in Public Health and has specifically worked in Sexual Health, I think this is a fantastic program to help people who otherwise might be too nervous to go publically buy EC (or could face danger in some form if they do), can't afford it, or have whatever reason for needing emergency contraception. Even in a state such as Missouri--which has extremely regressive policies regarding sexual health, gender-affirming care, and more as the list goes on--it shows how important the work is of an organization such as the Missouri Family Health Council. 

If you want to learn more or happen to live in Missouri and need free EC you can check out this link. Should you want to support the MFHC in any fashion you can learn how at this link too. I applaud them for their tireless work!

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