Thursday, June 8, 2023

The First Two Issues of, "Peacemaker Tries Hard," Are a Hoot

"Peacemaker Tries Hard," is a comic that will appeal to a variety of people. If you like the work of the very talented writer (and artist, but not on this comic) Kyle Starks, you're in for a treat. Should you be a fan of legendary artist Steve Pugh, you'll have fun. Perhaps you enjoyed the most recent, "Suicide Squad," movie and/or its, "Peacemaker," spin-off sequel? Well, this nails almost the exact same tone in its story of Chris Smith (his civilian name) struggling to make friends and otherwise feel appreciated for his unending quest for peace via extreme violence.

The second issue came out this week and between the debut and this follow-up, I'm simply having a blast with this mini-series. It is under DC's Black Label so it doesn't shy away from swear words, violence, and otherwise being over-the-top in its action while managing to feel a bit melancholy and grounded as its apparent despite all his bluster, Peacemaker really just wants a buddy. The first issue has him finding a dog who enjoys his company, but then Bruce Wayne (that's the dog's name) ends up kidnapped by a funny villain with an elaborate plan and things get increasingly zanier. The entire time Steve Pugh's art is just gorgeous so I tip my hat to him for such beautiful illustrations. Between how funny Stark's writing is and the beauty of Pugh's art this mini-series has been a treat already. I can't wait for the next issues!

5 out of 5 stars.

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