Friday, November 19, 2021

The Publishing Rights to, "Star Wars," Comics Keep Getting More Confusing

Years ago, when it was a brand-new property, "Star Wars," was published by Marvel. Then Dark Horse got the license and made a ton of, "Star Wars," comics. However, over time Disney bought their own publisher in the form of Marvel and then acquired the rights to, "Star Wars," as well. It only made sense as soon as they could that, "Star Wars," was brought back to Marvel. The weird thing, however, is that Disney has had some random, "Star Wars," books published by IDW (along with other Marvel all-ages books). Now, Disney is also going to do all-ages comics in the, "Star Wars," universe (which IDW was doing, as I mentioned) during the, "High Republic," era of the chronology which will be published by Dark Horse. Dark Horse has some, "Star Wars," comics again, in other words. 

This is very confusing and I would not even begin to act like I understand why different, "Star Wars," books are at various publishers. all I know is it leaves me befuddled but obviously makes, "Star Wars," fans happy as they get even more comics. Whether IDW will still be doing, "Star Wars," comics if they lost the all-ages rights to stories remains unclear. The thought of three different comic publishers making, "Star Wars," comics is wild, however!

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