Monday, November 22, 2021

Bobby Flay Isn't Leaving Food Network After All

In October I discussed how it looked quite likely Bobby Flay was going to be leaving Food Network at the end of 2021. They couldn't reach a contract deal for him to stay there and barring a last-minute budge from his people of Food Network, he was done after 27 years. Well, somebody metaphorically blinked because Flay has re-upped with Food Network for at least three more years. One big aspect of the announcement he'll be staying is that Flay gets some of that sweet, sweet streaming money via the parent company's Discovery+ app. 

Yes, this contract, "...includes development of new content for Food Network as well as for elsewhere within the Discovery portfolio. Like its media peers, Discovery is pushing into streaming, with food programming aimed at niche service Food Network Kitchen as well as the broad-audience Discovery+." Therefore, you can expect Flay to continue gracing your television screen as well as your laptop/tablet with streaming-exclusive stuff too, it seems. I guess any competing networks or streaming services will have to wait for the next big contract dispute at Food Network before they can snatch up some talent. Perhaps if Guy Fieri ever tires of his job as the mayor of Flavortown?

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