Monday, November 25, 2019

The Typography Aficionado in Me Likes What DC is Doing With Their Black Label Books

I am a bit of a typography nerd. Not a huge one, but I have read article about comic-book lettering, enjoyed a book on typography titled, "Just My Type," and otherwise am always intrigued how the design of letters can really impart a mood/tone/etc. With this in mind I've noticed one thing I like about DC Comic's new Black Label books--the over-sized ones in particular. Namely, on the back of the comics they have a description of the contents and oftentimes this text is pretty cool, fitting-in with the appearance/design of the comic. For an example of this look at the text on the back-cover of the latest, "The Question," comic:

It is regimented, all-CAPS, stern. It evokes how the Question is a character that at times has been that harsh and thorough (and depending on who is writing him, Objectivist or a bit more Zen). Now, observe the scrawling and disorganized style of, "Joker: Killer Smile," and the way it imparts this is a book about all kinds of psychological stuff:

These little flourishes are pretty cool, and are a nice additional touch to the DC Black Label books that are magazine-sized and have the space for something snazzy like these bits of unique typography.

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