Sunday, January 20, 2019

"Thank U, Next," is Absurdly Catchy

I have discussed liking the music of Ariana Grande before. I would not declare myself some kind of huge fan, but I enjoy a good deal of her stuff. With that said, "Thank U, Next," is the kind of song that is absurdly catchy and fun. You can claim that upon hearing it you don't want to dance and sing along, but you'd be a damn liar! A joyous ditty for sure, it features Grande reflecting on past relationships, but instead of being a downer she observes how every man she has dated has helped her learn something about relationships as well as herself. Grande closes the song essentially declaring how in the end she loves herself no matter what and that is the most important thing of all. The music video also is zany with its references to an assortment of famous movies in a play upon nostalgia. Numerous websites and magazines love it too (Vulture thought it was the best one of 2018) so clearly plenty of folk get amped-up from this jam!

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