Friday, April 7, 2017

Image Is Having A Good Week in Terms of Brisk Sales of New Books

I started getting press releases from Image not too long ago and they are having a good week, I've deduced. You see, a lot of stuff is selling out! Some of you need to be honest and admit that you probably pick-up at least the first issue of every new Image series  in the hope that it becomes the next, "The Walking Dead." Other folk probably just like to try new series, and I bet plenty of readers just enjoy the quality books put out by Image (the majority of books I read are from them at this point).

Anyways, a lot of their new stuff is indeed quite popular. This week alone Image announced that on the day of its release, the new series, "Black Cloud," already had its first issue being rushed back to print thanks to demand, the comic, "Extremity," is going to have a 3rd printing of its first issue (and a 2nd printing of its second), and, "The Old Guard," is also getting a 3rd printing and 2nd printing for its first and second issues, respectively.
A really good read!
I have said before that instead of calling Marvel and DC, "The Big Two," people should include Image in that description and say, "The Big Three," because Image is by no means some small little independent publisher. Oh, and please know I say that with absolutely zero malice--I'm happy to see the once little-publisher-that-could becoming as big and successful as it is. It boggles the mind to think a bunch of people who left Marvel and DC to found their own company have over time made something as large, successful, and respected as Image Comics. They support creator rights, they put out good books, and (as this week clearly shows) get some solid sales as well.

I see companies whining about how their sales are bad because of diversity or some B.S. (Marvel really is going to have a black-eye P.R.-wise for awhile) and Image just keeps hitting it out of the park. It almost makes you think that maybe the sales of other big publishers would be better if their books were great and not drowning under the weight of dumb events, you know? Every company has its ups and downs, and right now Image is for sure doing quite great. Now then, someone please option, "Extremity," so my regular copy of the first issue and gold-foil variant become worth a bunch of money and because it is a really good comic. Please?

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