Monday, July 25, 2022

My Favorite, "World of Warcraft," Expansion is Coming to the, "Classic," Version Soon

I haven't played, "World of Warcraft," in years. If I even attempted to revisit my Tauren Shaman, Shine, I would most likely find myself quite confused by everything. That said, there has been the, "World of Warcraft Classic," which started up in the original, "Vanilla," game and has been slowly advancing in time through the past expansions. This September will mark the, "Release," of the 2nd expansion into the classic timeline, "Wrath of the Lich King." Also known as my favorite expansion because it was just so much fun, a part of me gets an itch to play the old-school WOW as I would at least not be totally out of my element. Then another part of me remembers how much of a time-sink the game was back in the day and how I barely have time to play any games now. Still, it is nice to know that a somewhat vintage version of, "World of Warcraft," is out there ready for a player of the older versions of the game such as me.

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