Saturday, July 23, 2022

I Picked Up Some of The New Page Punchers Toys/Comics!

Some months ago it was announced McFarlane toys would be doing something called, "Page Punchers," where you get a fun 3-inch figure and a reprint of a popular comic. The concept art looked really cool so I was excited when I heard the Page Punchers were starting to show up in stores. I found some at my local Target and got a few! I haven't been able to buy the Batman one yet, but I got the others (as you can see above) and they are quite fun. The plastic packaging isn't too hard to undo and then you can pop out the comic and toy or just leave everything in place if you're that kind of collector too.  I really like these Page Punchers and am pleased to have the Flash, Black Adam, and Superman. Now to just find that Batman...

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