Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Whoever Invented this Shark Week Slush for Sonic is a Genuis

I enjoy the occasional slush from Sonic. They will do limited-time ones now and then. Apparently, we have been around television's beloved, "Shark Week." To celebrate, Sonic has a slush theme for the event and it is ingenious. It is a blue coconut drink with shredded strawberry fruit on top and shark gummies. The result looks like the ocean filled with chum floating atop and sharks swimming around in it. Seriously, just gander at my photo atop this text, isn't that awesome as well as a bit gross? If you're wondering how it tastes, I liked it. The coconut and strawberry melded nicely together and the gummies were nice and chewy. The visual aesthetic is what sold me on it, though. Sonic needs to give whoever thought of this a raise.

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  1. I’m gonna go to Sonic tomorrow because of your post!