Sunday, January 9, 2022

ToyMan's Debut Show of 2022 Was a Delight

I was able to briefly swing by ToyMan early in the show today and enjoyed seeing a lot of great vendors and creators. It was a superb event--as always--and I picked up some snazzy comics. There is a lot more than comics as you all know (toys, Funko, video-games, records, Lego, etc.) so if you come to a show you're bound to find something in your niche. As for what I did, I kicked off the show chatting with Spike of Lost in Space Toys and Collectibles before saying hello to my friend Tim Metzger--he had a bunch of cool comics, DVDs, and more. I chatted with John Chaffe from Bigfoot Comics and Collectibles, as he's always lovely to interact with. I cut a deal with Vince from VK Toys and had the pleasure of acquiring a, "Thunderbolts," comic from a past run I enjoyed, a polybagged, "X-Force," #1 and a sixth issue of, "Captain America," which is the first full appearance of Bucky as the Winter Soldier. Here's a pic:

Upstairs I saw my two friends Jessica Mathews and Jennifer Stolzer selling their awesome books and other snazzy wares. I also chatted with the folks behind Heroes for Kids of Perryville, Missouri about all the great work their nonprofit continues to do. I continued browsing around and also ran into my friend Eric of PJ Comics and Collectibles for whom this was his first ToyMan as a vendor! He had some awesome comics I acquired via some trading that you can see here:

The ToyMan show today was a hoot. I saw so many awesome vendors and friends, enjoyed checking out all the goodies, and got some awesome comics for myself. There is always just so much at ToyMan to see and I'd encourage you to go to the next show on March 13th to observe all the awesome stuff for yourself!

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