Thursday, January 27, 2022

"Toxic," and, "Pony," Actually Make for a Good Mash-Up

The idea of taking two (or more) songs and literally smashing them together had been around forever--just look at the KLF. Known as, "Mash-ups," they increased in popularity and used to be all the rage some years ago. Then they faded away a bit even if they still existed, they just got less hype. Against all odds there is a mash-up of, "Toxic," and, "Pony," which is quite catchy and getting a bunch of attention now thanks to apps such as TikTok. It's called, "Toxic Pony," and it is a banger. Altego created it and I tip my hat to them for such a great blend of a jam:

Mash-ups are fun when they work (and atrocious when they fail). I'm glad that, "Toxic Pony," is so fun and catchy. I dig it. Perhaps mash-ups will continue to catch on again, I'd enjoy that.

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